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Op-Amp Circuits Program 1.00


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Hi Ante!

Thanks.. what is it anyway? i have downloaded its zip file. i tried opening it but winzip cannot extract it. as you have mentioned it needs VB, maybe that is the reason. i'll founf it out when i got home. i have VB installed in my pc..

maybe this would also solve another problem in my pc. everytime a user log ins, a dialog boz popups that says something about a file that also needs VBRUN100.DLL.. it started when i installed XPStyle. it slowed doen my pc so i had it removed..
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VBRUN100.DLL is a Vis Basic Run . dynamic Link Libary file needed to run the program . The program must be compiled with the first version of Vis basic.
XP and .Net programing has soughta done away with .dll's know.
Search google for "DLL hell" for more info.
Anyhow search for VBRUN100.DLL, when you find it drop it into windows and all should be fine!
While your at it you might as well get the other VBRuN times I think there is 100,200,300, to 600

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hi keldean!
i went to the link given by Ante.. since it didn't automatically download, i have to get it manualy.. i got a zip file.. however, i can't open it.. i think the problem is with extracting it.. i just have to re-download it i guess.. assuming all is fine, with dloading and extracting. what should i do with the file?
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