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Request for Thyristor Module Data Sheets: MCC55-12io8 and MCC18-12io1


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Dear Fellow Forum Members,

I am looking for Data Sheets of the following two Thyristor Modules:


What I know is:

Manufacturer = BCC Veridul-M
M = Module
C = Thyristor (CC = Two Thyristors contained within one Module)
55 and 18 = 55 Amps and 18 Amps
12 = 1200 Volts
i = 1000V/uS (I = 2000V/uS)
o = Turn-Off Time tg, o = Type
1 or 8 = Version 1 (Thyristor: Aux, Cathode and Gate)
            Version 8 (Gate Only)

These are Thyristor Modules, which contain two Thyristors per Module. I am interested in the Characteristics of these Thyristors contained within these Modules.

Thank you for your help.

With kind regards,


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Hi @Hotwaterwizard,

Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into this for me, and I really appreciate it. I actually did not expect to see any results at all for these modules in the lower Amp rating class. The information you have provided me with, is more than sufficient for me to work on.

Very kind of you ! :)

With kind regards,


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