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My Project is Electrocautery I'm working on it for my teacher it use as an surgical equiptment it use electric current trough tissue when we touch the probe to the skin .because the surface between probe and skin is very few so there is a lot of resistance then electric tranform to heat and vaporize the cell's water then the skin will torn.

the most effective form is normal sine wave with 300kHz to 1MHz frecquency 340V up to 2000V with 100 to 500 W at 400 Ohm 0.5-0.1 A what should I do with this project
i think i'll use function generator and amplify it and then use output tranformer to multiply voltage

in first try I order adjustable function generator with 1V output at 330kHz and 150W mosfet sound amplifier and told to remove filter
but the result is there is very low watt output and he don't know what to do next
please help me solve this problem or please tell me what amplifier that can amplify this frecquency

and I may asking for 330kHz function generator circuit may be with 555 or LM741
Thank you

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hi balong! so, you already have the circuit? was it a schematic in JPEG or PNG file? all you have to do is attach the file to your post.. see the "additional options" below below the message box where we compose our posts? click that. then "attach" would appear.. enter the location of you file or locate it yourself by clicking "browse" (example C:\Documents and Settings\balong\My Documents\Electrocautery.jpg) then POST!;D

hope this helps..  ;)
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