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Happy birthday Logan


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waaaaaaaa!!!!!!! thanks!!

nothing much have happened today.. it's a typical day for me.. maybe tonight, we'll have a little party at my friend's place..  LESS FOOD, MORE BEERS  ;D

the only present i got was a cellphone.. my mother gave it to me.. a flash drive, a 40G hard drive, an mp3, a digital multitester are on top of my wishlist.. anyone interested to be my fairy godmother? ehehehe  :D

thanks again to both of you..

BTW, audioguru, my graduation? i owe a lot of it to you.. thanks for all the help.. also to you Staigen and the rest of the eLab peeps..  ;)

i have to attend mass.. thanks again..

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unfortunately  ;D, i didn't got drunk yesterday because i was busy preparing everything... and i still have to drive (motorcycle) home some of my friends.. the rest just spent the night on my friend's house.. we had a great time.. there were 2 left-over bottles of brandy, and we have decided to continue my bday celebration today but i said i have to pass since it's my lil' bros graduation and im the photographer.. school's almost over and next week we'll have the HOLY WEEK celebration so the rest of my friends that studies in MANILA we'll be home.. we miss hanging out with each other so we are planning to have a big get-together.. another 'excuse' to drink! ehehehe..  8)

wishes that came true? NONE!! i think i have to buy them myself.. so i better start finding a good job...  :-\ i still want to study though.. maybe, if my sched is not tight, i can do them both..

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