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Alkaline battery cells have a voltage of 1.5V, right?
Ni-MH rechargable cells have a lower voltage of 1.2V, right?
Look at the difference when they have a 250mA load. The Ni-MH rechargable cell's voltage is above 1.2V about 3 times longer than the Alkaline cell, and can be recharged 1000 times.


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thanks windowze killa and audioguru..  ;D just one more question though, if rechargables are better than alkaline then why are most people using alkaline cells, anyway? well, this is my observation in our country, i don't know in some countries.. is it just because they are not aware of it or there's something more behind it..

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Well I guess for a single battery purchase alkalines are cheaper. Most people don't consider the recharging advantages they just see the per item cost. Also the cost of the charger may put some people off.

For example, here in Oz a packet of 10 Eveready Energiser AAs costs about $12. A packet of 4 NiMh AAs cost about $20. Face value says the pack of 10 is much better value.

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