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Need help identifying capacitors

Guest Zeppelin

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Guest Zeppelin

I'm having trouble identifying some capacitors. The capacitors look like the ones in the picture which I think are 'Polyester Layer Capacitors '.

I have the following: (mju is the greek prefix used for micro)

  • mju 1

  • 1n

  • mju 33

  • mju 22

  • 10n

I'll be grateful if someone tells me the values.


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hello Zeppelin

mju 1, 250 = 1 micro Farads, 250 volts

1n, 400 = .001micro Farads, 400 volts

mju 33, 100 = 33micro Farads, 100 volts

10n,400 = .01micro Farads, 400volts

Farads, micoFarads, nanoFarads, picoFarads

The first is the value, and the second is the voltage
                        hope this helps

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  • 2 weeks later...

:)it may pay to look at the capacitor conversion charts i posted in the forums somewhere before they are still there, ive mever seen it like the way you have it mju  uf yes and mf yes  but mju  the j looks more like the  tollerence  5 or 1o% i think if i remember corectly

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Hello Staigen
      Thanks for pointing that out. Yes I am new to this and I thought my answer was right, good thing you cought it. Hey Zeppelin good thing for you and I am sorry about the mistake. And for me  hey I learned something too :)
    I do have a question on something that is throughing me off, I read stuff on caps that give refference on MF and UF I thought they were the same the way the Parts house list them. so ya I don't know enough. Like I said I'm new ha

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