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hi Munky!
In telecommunication, a vox (short for 'voice operated switch') is a switch that operates when sound over a certain threshold is detected. It is usually used to turn on a transmitter or recorder when someone speaks. It is used instead of a push-to-talk button on transmitters or to save storage space on recording devices. The circuitry usually includes a delay that leaves the circuit activated when the sound stops. This keeps the circuit from turning off during short pauses in speech.

am i right, Ante?
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Hi Ante!.... ihave the value for the components....

R1------------ 8.2 K (grey-red-red)
R2, R5, R7-- 10 K (brown-black-orange)
R3, R8------- 6.8 K (blue-grey-red)
R4------------ 180 K (brown-grey-yellow)
R6------------ 100  (brown-black-brown)
R10, R11---- 100 K (brown-black-yellow)
R12, R9------ 1 K (brown-black-red)

D1------------    #1N4001 (Rectifier)

C1------------- 0.022 µF (#223n)
C3,C4--------- 0.01 µF (#103n)

Electrolytic capacitors
C2-------------- 1 µF (10V min)
C5-------------- 10 µF (10V min)
C6-------------- 330 µF (10V min)

Q1--------------    General purpose NPN type

LED1----------- Light-emitting diode, 3 or 5mm
MIC------------- Condenser microphone
IC1-------------- 8-pin, dual op-amp IC (#358 or 1458)
IC2-------------- 14-pin dual D-flip flop, CMOS IC (#4013)

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i know the value of this each components, but the trouble is i don't know how this circuit operates or how this system work?

i think this circuit is "sound actuated device" like you said...i can't sims to understand how it works actually, but i know it is a device which work by sound actuated.

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