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You mean that I must connect the bridge to the L298, am trying to read the datasheet but cant understand where I must connect this bridge??
and if I will use a battery with 7Amp how I can make that each circuit will take only 2Amp??
In other words; How I can be sure that total current to the circuit from battery equal 2Amp??

Please, reply me.
I need solution

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Normally, you would use more current when loaded heavily. I am not following why you think you have a current limiting problem since two out of three of these circuits are working fine. Are you able to take a picture of your project?
I was thinking the problem might be due to lack of heat sink, poor regulation on the power circuit or something mis-wired on the board. Even with 7 amp capability of the battery, you will only use the amount of current needed by the steppers.

In the case that your steppers will be using high current: It looks to me like you will need current limiting such as figure 10 in the data sheet for motors which are rated higher than the L298 capability. In this case, your easiest solution would be to find smaller steppers which require less current.

Again, I am not convinced the problem was due to current overload. A picture would sure help.


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