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Conveyor Belt

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hi microzone!  ;D

yes, you've already mentioned those details in your first post.. the experts here i think need to know more what conveyor belt is suitable for you.. Ante asked you if is needs to run only in one direction, which you didn't answer.. they need to know more.. like..

how fast should it be?
does it need to have a Pause/Stop button ?
how many glasses do you intend to put in it at a time?
... etc

details like those would help picture out what is the most suitable conveyor belt you should build.. as ante have said
A conveyor transfer system can be built in different ways.

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You could use stepper motors which will have more than enough power to move you glass full of water. They can be controlled to such an extent that you wouldn't spill a drop. You could have it so when you press the button it would start of slowly and slowly accelerate and then slow down again as it approaches the end. Also very easy to make it revesible.

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    Thanks for all the elctronic experts kindly reply.  Actually I need to build a conveyor belt with a dc motor which will only work in one direction and the conveyor belt speed is optimum to avoid spill a drop and only 1 glass per time.  I plan to use PIC (a microcontroller) to stop the conveyor belt after the glass reach the destination.  Actually I only an electronic newsbies therefore I do not know how to build a driver to drive the motor further more the motor type (12V or other voltage) is also a problem for me. Do you know what kind of material can I use to build the conveyor belt? Can you give me some precious idea? %7Boption%7D

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you can made different construction. The traditional conveir belt is a one or two draving wheels, depend from this one or two direction is movement, and several secondary wheels between them. The belt can be set in motion with friction or with cogwheel.
In your case i think you can use cogwheel construction, from old donuts cooking machine, they use a cogwheel and mortiser belt. You can also made a simple construction with two pulley and wire. To drive the DC motor in only one directin you will need relay or transistor. To detect the position yu can use the optobarier sensors.

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