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Why electronics-lab takes longer time to appear

Muhammad Abu Bakar

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Maybe, it's because this site simply contains more info than any other website, that is why downloading takes longer..  lolz.. ;D or maybe, it's because we are nearing the 20,000 members  8) mark..  ;Dthe eLab is getting crowded.. guess it's time for a little upgrading!

uhhmm.. not from here.. i even open the topics in different windows (sometimes more than ten windows) but i can view the page is a matter of seconds..

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even using DSL, i frequently experience very slow connection since i am accessing the internet in an internet cafe expecially if some users are downloading stuffs or watching some music videos.. what i usually do is open a couple of windows or tabs so that after i have finished viewing a page, the others have finished donwloading..  ;D

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