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How to simulate the heat generated in side a PC-case.


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Hi guys

I have a PC power supply in side PC case. NO other components. I need a resistor or something ells, that I can connect to the power supply in the case that will generate the same amount of heat or even more inside the case, (should it be a fully functional PC).  I was thinking in the line of a high wattage light bulb, it is not the preferable way to go, because of the luminescence of the light it self.

If some can help me with specs for an item like this. Wattage, resistance, values etc. Small 12v heater if they are available.

I want to build a demonstration unit for cooling down PC cases more effectively. I think it should work better than having a PC boot up first, then heat up, etc.

Your answers welcomed!


Virus;D ;D ;D

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