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psssttt!! pinoyS!!!

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hi all!  ;D

i noticed that there are many Filipinos here at eLab than i expected.. am calling out to the pinoys out there.. am not comfortable of sending PM's everytime i meet a pinoy here.. dito n lng tayu usap-usap..

i hope it's OK to the rest if i'm doing this..  :-\ i just want to get acquianted with my compatriots that are also with ELectronics..

these are the active Pinoys  8) i met here:

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i've been here at eLab for quite some time now..    my thesis took me here.. i needed some experts' advise.. luckily, audioguru was there! he helped get through  the project.. azteeg siya mga tol, daming alam! cut the story short, i finished the pro ject (though, it didn't function properly), i passed  the subject -- all thanks to eLab and the experts who runs this forum..

in return, eto ako ngayun, i try to help in my own little way.. i may not know things about t ransmitters, sine waves, microelectronics, etc, but i  help newbies in things like MS word, attaching  files, datasheets.. anything that i am capable of answering.. am learning a lot just reading the posts, at least..

am something in between schooling and working.. just graduated in BS Electronics Technology last march from Bicol University.. i'm from Ligao City, Legazpi..near Mayon Volcano.. here's my phone number +639185021168

kuento namn kayu..  8)  KABAYAN!!!!

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Guest Kasamiko

Ooopp...A lot of Filipinos here in ELabs..

Im Pinoy too...From Negros Occidental..

Which part of Negros are you?


Since this is an INTERNATIONAL FORUM..



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you do have your own electronics&cellphone shop, huh?! any vacancy? ehehe.. am still having my papers processed.. Brgy clearance, piloce clearance, NBI, cert of gradt'n, OTR, diploma, clearance from DOST.. am still haven't started , because i simply can't.. i lost my wallet with my life in it! my ID's were there!!

maybe by mid-June, i'll go to Manila to apply for work.. my number one target is  PLDT/Smart.. i had my OJT there last year.. i'll use that to my advantage.. hopefully, i get hired.. i'll also try at TechnoPark in laguna.. i heard that there are many vacancies there, especially those in line with eletronics..

welcome here Porty!

am with Kasamiko, ENGLISH ONLY please..

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oh, hi domingo! obviously, that is your first post so it's understandable that you are not yet aware of the regulations here.. this is an international forum and of course it is an ENGLISH ONLY policy in posting to the threads..

about your concern, can you please post the link where you found the power inverter project.. you can actually search the forum for discussion about the project.. 

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