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Cant rename folders


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Hi rigdoctor99  ;D

I guess I forgot to mention that there is no rename option in the properties of the folder. In the attributes section of the folder, read-only seems to be automatically selected everytime I make a new folder. Unchecking it and applying the changes does nothing.

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Hi Jack,

If you have the folder in the right hand side of the explorer window left-click on it once to high lighten it, wait just one second or so then left-click it one more time. This should put the cursor on the line to let you write a new name, hit enter when finished. This is only possible in the right hand side when running XP, in previous windows versions it could be done also on the left side!

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Thats a neat little trick Ante. But it does not work on my desktop (from win explorer). It works for other folders and files that are not located on my desktop though. I know that it is trying to rename because I hear a beep that usually sounds when a user tries to do something that windows wont allow. One way I can solve my problem is by moving the folder or file in question to another part of my drive and rename it but this gets highly inconvenient. It seems that the permissions on my desktop are messed up, any idea on how to change this?


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why not just create a new folder, label it with your desired name and move the old folder's contents to your new one.. ehehe..  ::)

i think Kasamiko already solved your problem..  ;D

Just a trivia about folders..  :)

have you seen a folder named "con"?  try making yourself one, what do you get?
anybody knows why?  8)

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Thanks for the unlocker tool Kasamiko. But sad to say that it does not work, yes the rename feature of it does not work on my desktop.
An error pops up saying "Cannot rename file: Cannot read from source file or disk".

Logan, the reason for  it being renamed is becuase these are all file names reverved for the system. Trying any of these will also result in "New Folder".


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