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Hey, Im working on a project to adapt a surveillance system.  Currently there are 8 cameras going into two monitors.  It is an ADT system and the cameras connect to the monitors using rj14 6 pin connectors (ive found that pin 5 is + 9-15 V and pin 6 is ground).  The guy wants to keep his existing 8 cameras but switch the 2 monitors for a security DVR which uses BNC video inputs and RCA audio inputs.

Ive built a 12V 2 A PS and the power bus for all 8 cameras.  But now the tricky part is getting an analog video stream out of the cameras.  I thought that they were outputting analog video but i cant get any video onto a regular TV. 

If ANYONE can provide any useful info i would be VERY greatful.  anything from ADT pinout, or what i can do to get an analog video sinal from the camera.  Thank you in advanced.

PS. . . im at work but i will post the camera model when i get home.  That might be useful.

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ok... i got the model number.

its an ADT A-C4CM/4

on the bottom it says 15V DC 3.0W Max(NTSC)

im guessing that since it says NTSC it should be outputing analog video but i cant get it to work...  i know that pin 5 and 6 are power... but ive tried putting the video on the remaining 4 pins and i get no video.

im seriously hoping that someone here can help.... i would really hate to have to tell the guy that i cant help him. 


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