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I work in a avionics shop, and we recently got ahold of this strange directional unit.  Funny thing is, the guy who dropped it off didn't know what is was, and no longer wanted it.  We were going to trash it simply because it is hard to find a use for something that you don't know what it does, but I snagged it.

Now, what the heck is it?  It has 12V input in the rear, along with a 4 pin connector.  This may be a bit abstract, but maby I'll luck out and someone can point me in the right direction.  BTW, I tried googling Ablyth, and came up empty.  There is no ID tag or model number or anything that would identify it.  I'm not even sure it is aviation related, since it runs off 12V (and not 14, or 28)  Marine maby?



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Got it.  I was thinking it was ablyth, and not ab-lyth.  What a difference a space makes  ;D  www.lyth.se is the correct manufacturer.

Everything is in swedish, but I sent them an email anyways asking for information, and possibly an install manual on the unit.  The manual may be in swedish, but there are translation programs out there.  :)

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