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Shrinking heat-shrink sleeves

Guest Zeppelin

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Heat shrink tubing is pretty robust. You can actually touch it to the solder iron without harm so long as you are not touching it for long. However, this method makes for some pretty ugly wires. The solder iron tends to discolor and melt the outer surface of the tubing.

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Does it have to be a heat gun or can I do it with a lighter?
if you have a hair-dryer, set it on high and just use that.  I've done that plenty of times, and a simple dryer works wonders. :)  Simply takes a bit longer, since the heat is spread out over a larger area.

Hope this helps!

~MMN Maniac
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my mate work's for a company that makes heatshrink,and he managed to accuire me a proper heat shrink gun............. black and decker paint stripper..... pretty much... only real difference is the heat gun has a heat control dial!!
i'd use a paint stripper... just not too close!... i've even used a gas hob before... not too close of course.... and it was some real big stuff!... like above said its only the heat radiating you need

hope that helps!

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