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Hello genius guys,
i am sure u guys will be fine
welll i have one question

" i am making a Xcess-3 Calculator .I have to give input in DECIMAL then it will be converted into Binary then it will be converted into XS-3 then calculation will be done and finally output in XS-3 and then converted into DECIMAL .

Plz tell me how this DECIMAL input can be given .rest of circuitry is fine .for ADDITION (+) and SUBTRACTION(-) i have used switches

plz tell me how this DECIMAL INPUT can be given
TEll me circuit diagram ,NAME OF IC or keypad

thz in advance
u people r really genius u can help me

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hello genius guys
well now i am making a XCESS-3 calculator .the only problem i am facing is HOW TO DRIVE SEVEN SEGMENT DISPLAY

i am using 7447 seven segment display ic.How this ic can be used.
how i connect my output from calculator (Binary form) to this 7447 ic.
plz reply soon
thz in advance

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The 7447 is the BCD to 7 segment decoder. What you have to do is feed the output (binary) into the 7447. Consider the following:

Here you can see four inputs - A,B,C,D (the input will of course be the output from your calculator. The outputs a - g, will go to the respective pins of your 7 seg display.
This one 7 seg will be able to display 10 states (0 - 9) hence thats why we have 4 binary inputs (1111 base 2 is 9 base 10). Here is an example of the pin playout:


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Hello allvol
    I'm looking at the Example : 1000 of 8421 = 1011 in Excess-3
  dose that mean anything over 1000 + 3 equals a 1 or anythin over 3 equals 1 ?
just a question? I don't understand how this works.

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Assalamoalaikum Fasieh!

first of all! please try to avoid useless words in ur post like you guys are genius etc. Keep ur question to the point and in the brief amount of words only. People here are more interested in replying ur QUESTION then to get happy with ur words.

Now lets get back to ur question:

as far as i know there is no IC thru which you can convert Decimal into XS-3 directly. You can convert a decimal no into BCD form and then use this BCD to get the answer in XS-3.

Using switches is not preferable over using keypads.  There are keypads available which gives u output in the decimal form, then u can use keypad to BCD converter or keypad to Binary converter to get the answer in the coded form to use it further.

PLease try to provide us some more details so that we can understand ur problem more thoroughly.

Best of luck to u !

Take carez

Good Bye!

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