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As you have noticed i try to calm things down. I will NOT continue this discussion further as it will not drive us anywhere, that's for sure.

I suggest both of you MP and ANTE, make a step and drive away from personal "debates". I think that you have fallen in a personal "battle".

Here we have something in common, that's our love in electronics. Why you are driving this love to a debate?

Anyones opinion should be handled with RESPECT.

If i don't see a change in the way both of you are reacting, i will have to find other moderators. I don't want trouble here. I am clear.


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I am sorry if I upset you but I too tried to keep thing on a respectable level. I see now that I should not got in between and put my nose in this stupid battle like I did! Won’t happen again since I trust you will take care of it in good time as soon as it starts again!

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