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I'm just wondering, what is the absolute minimum time one would take to etch a 10cm square board if most of it is etch-resisted by the circuit design, and the etch resist is fairly new, never heated, and the board just sits in the etching tank?

why do I ask? because I rather let the etching work for me while I do other things than to waste 1/2 hour or more watching a board.

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Impossible to answer! Too many factors like percentage of area to be etched away, the type of pcb foil (20, 35, 70u), the solution you use, temperature and more.

Regarding ante's mention of solution, I wanted to add into the discussion that for safety, some etchants should not be heated. Some can be heated, but not above a certain temperature. This also depends upon the etchant used. Ferric Chloride, Ammonium Persulfate, Muriatic Acid, homebrew mix?
A little work in your pc board lab goes a long way. You should always dedicate a few boards to research and ruin them in a few tests that will give you benchmarks.

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