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from this link:  http://home.maine.rr.com/randylinscott/aug98.htm

Iread the following:

The MOD accepts a 40khz IR signal that is modulated at 4 khz. When a signal is received the MOD will go low. The sensitivity of the MOD is set by different values for R1 and C1.

from that I understand that the modulating sig is 4khz and the modulated (carrier) sig is 40khz

Look at the fig below:
the freq of the transmitter sig is calculated from:
f = 1/[0.693 x 0.05 uf x ( 2.2k + 2 x 1K)] =6.871kHz niether 40 nor 4 khz

R1*C1 = 0.4 sec

from where he had that values of freq


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Hi guru

ok, lets agree that Radio Shack doesn't have the specs for the MOD anymore so nobody knows what it does.

i need you help in designing a gate guard using IR MOD as RX and IR diode as Tx
i baught  the RX mod's

i search the net but no circuit satisfied me

i want your help guru so please help me

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Try to forget this MOD
I have one and its datasheet, i know its pins and wait your answer to costruct the circuits above

i want to get logic 1 or 0 or any thing else at pin 3 of the nand gate when someone pass, is this possibe or not, or you have a better idea
please tell me


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