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It seems that the ONLY way one can make PCB's using an inkjet printer is if multiple copies of the image, perfectly aligned are placed on the board.

It appears that printing on the transparency only ONCE does NOT work. I just tried it a few minutes ago on a canon bjc-1000 printer, and as soon as etching was 1/2 complete, I noticed a number of tracks were broken, so broken, that I couldn't even use solder to bridge the connection.

The problem with me using multiple copies is the fact that my bloody printer is a GAMBLING MACHINE!

1/2 the time, I can get it to print many copies in the same spot, and 1/2 the time, I can't, and when I can't, then my money goes out the window.

I think I will need to buy a laser printer.

and if I do, which is the BEST laser printer for the lowest price, and why?

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That used to be the case. I did exactly the same many years ago. However, Inkjet technology has changed. You can use the darkest available setting on a high resolution inkjet and it is much darker than laser printer transparency. I think the problem is not the technology used, but is the printer used, in his case.


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I have used both Lexmark i3 and X1100 series. Just print on best quality black and the transparency looks good. I have actually retired the i3 to the workbench since this model runs the paper straight through without bending it. I hope to get some time to examine it and see if it is possible to convert it to accept pc boards instead of paper. I hope to be able to print directly to copper clad if I can find a suitable ink to fill the existing cartridges. Take a look at one of these. You will see what I mean.
Take care!


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