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Problems with three wheel Driving Mechanism

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Hi Guys!

Hope u would be fine out there!

Well! im planning to make a robot. The drive mechanism that i have choosen for that robot is a Tri-Cyclic mechanism. That is two Big Wheels at the back, both of them will be connected with one single motor. SO there will be one motor driving two back wheels. Just like in a car.

There will be a third wheel in the front portion of the robot that will be used for steering purposes. Now i want to ask you that what are the known issues and problems with this type of drive mechanism?

WHat motor should i use for steering? Should it be Servo or a Stepper?

Is the steering motor needs to be powerful enough??

What could be different problems i can face in this mechanism?

Please tell me as soon as possible!

Take carez!

Good BYe!

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Hi Shaiq,
Let the robot do a wheely then you don't need to steer it. ;D

My car has front-wheel-drive. When it snows here in winter then the cars with old-fashioned rear-wheel-drive don't go anywhere because their back wheels don't have much weight on them so they spin on the snow and ice.

This winter has odd weather because it is not cold, the grass is green and no cars are skidding.
HEY! It is snowing a little.

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