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Variable Power Supply

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If you can tolerate a little more than 0V on the bottom end and a little less than 30V on the top end AND you don't have a burning dsire to build the whole thing yourself you might want to take a look at these power regulators on eBay: 250068727100 .  I have used these several times and been very pleased with the results.


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Click the
Articles" button at the top of the page and in the "General" group, you will find a LM317 tutorial with a calculator that will help you calculate the voltage output. As Zeppelin has mentioned, you are limited on current unless you add additional hardware. and/or heatsink.


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You might find that a simple variable potentiometer would suit your purpose, available from Maplins for pennys, if you look at their online catalogue you should be able to find one that suits.

You need to determine the amount of resistance in your circuit and then select a var pot that spans that.

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