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Momentary switch

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There are a lot of toggle switches - spdt and the like. They move between two or more positions in a straight line (up and down). I also know there is a kind that can move up and down and sideways with 4 or 8 positions, but I don't know what they're called. When I search for joystick switches I get versions that are too big. I have used some in my StarTrek kits, but they came with the kits. What I'm looking for is a switch with 4 separate positions, that goes back to the straigh up OFF positions after you've pushed it in one of the 4 directions, just like a tiny joystick, but looks like an ordinary little toggle switch.

Can you help?

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A 4-way which looks just like a standard toggle on top is not easy. Unless you could see some markings to identify an old one its hard to find. Here are a few examples to look at.

This is a (normal) small one: http://www.etisystems.com/j1.asp

Here is a really small one!: http://www.smk.co.jp/product_e/pdf/switch/ESF292106.pdf

A few more:
I Sverige:

Hoppas att du hittar en bra!  ;D

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For electronic circuits I use switches with gold plated contacts that are made for switching low currents.
"Industrial" switches are made with silver plated high current contacts that rely on the spark to break through the silver oxide insulating film that quickly forms on them, so they are not reliable in a low current electronic circuit.

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