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Over Current Relay


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Hi hotwaterwizard,

I have the url for the over current relay, but not for the datasheet/manual of it,
i need help to find where i can buy this device from.

Best Regards,


* Standard of protected machine

JIS (the Japan Industrial Standard)
JIS C 4601 High pressure receiving electricity site connect relay device
JIS C 4602 Overcurrent relay for high pressure receiving electricity
JIS C 4609 High pressure receiving electricity site connect direction relay device
JEC (Institute of Electrical electric standard committee standard)
JEC-2500 Protected machine for electric power (old JEC-174)
JEC-2510 Overcurrent relay (old JEC-174A)
JEC-2511 Voltage relay (old JEC-174B)
JEC-174C High resistant ground type site connect directional relay
JEC-174D Auxiliary relay for electric power
JEC-174E Slow-operating relay for electric power
JEC-174F Comparative operation relay
JEM (the Japanese electrical machinery and appliances manufacturer's association standard)
JEM 1336 High-tension distribution line site connect directional relay

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search results

Type  CO-18-R JEC-174A
Rating 2A 50Hz
Range 0.5-2.5A Style PG060
ICS 0.1/1.0 A
SER 81577 DATA 1982

JEC-2510 Overload Relay

JEC-2510 Overcurrent relay (old JEC-174A)




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