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mystery blue water from hydroxy gas exsperiment


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:) with useing water i get black sludge, and  ive even had yellowy water, when testing out my hydroxy gas power supply, and ive been useing demineeralized water with bi carb soda mixed with it, and the colour of the water is allways the same when you use bi carb soda in it  the electrodes in the hydroxy gas generator are stainlless steell, today i  tried the demineralized water with bi carb soda on another hydroxy set up that has  2 halfs of a diode for electrode and diodes are silicon types and this time the water changed blue  and so i pouerd 40 mills of it into my other yellow colour hydroxy gas generator so its mixed in with the demineralized water and bi car and after allowing the hydroxy gas generator to run for a little while i then pourd out the water , i wasent exspecting to  see the bl;ue water as it was only a small amount compared to the other water allready in the hydroxy gas generator , but the bklue water was still visible  , what is this blue water if anyone can tell me , i allso noticed the end of one of the stainlless steell bolt electrodes was very clean and  had a shine like glow to it  im gona make more blue water and run some tests on it

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:)i have a few liters of demineralized water with a box of bi carb soda mixed in for my hydroxy gas generation and so i pourd some into a bottle which i use and when im finished i pour it back into the small bottle so its reused water with bicarb soda, here is another picture of bit pourd into a small beaker cup it looks like the blue sky

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:)thankyou ante i used  stainlless steel bolts in the yellow colourd hydroxy gas generator but it was when i used my small plastic can with 2 halfs of a diode  for electrodes. the diodes being silicon in nature was strange enougth however the blue watyer smells like my liuqiud plumbers glue to and that glue is green in colour  and it may be the same water i used in the hydroxy generator made useing that glue  that i put back into a bottle  after useing it so i reused that water even though it dident turn blue in one exsperiment but it did in the other useing the diode electrode

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