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Silicon chip request


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Guest Kasamiko

Link for Full Project in Silicon Chip Mags


PASS: dcapro

Compress with Winrar
part1  part2  part3  not split 
select all files (part1-2-3) right click
"extract each archive to separate folder"


6-Channel IR Remote Volume Control - Part 2
10-Channel IR Remote Control Receiver
12-channel Infrared Remote Control
12V Flourescent Lamp Inverter
45-Second Voice Recorder Module
A 2_4GHz High-Power Audio-Video Link
A Digital Thermometer-Thermostat
A Dirt-Cheap, High Current Power Supply
A Low-Cost 50MHz Frequency Meter
A Poor Man's Q Meter
A Programmable Continuity Tester
A Programmable PIC-Powered Timer
A 'Smart' Slave Flash Trigger
A 'Tiptronic-Style' Gear Indicator
A Windows Based EPROM Programmer
A Windows-Based EPROM Programmer - Part 2
Active 3-Way Crossover for Loud Speaker Systems
Adjustable DC-DC Converter For Car
Alternative Power Regulator
Antenna & RF preamp for weather satellites
Appliance Energy Meter, Pt_1
Appliance Energy Meter, Pt_2
Automatic Single-Channel Light Dimmer - Part 2
Automatic Single-Channel Light Dimmer
Balanced Microphone Preamp
Bidirectional Motor Speed Controller
Big-Digit 12-24 Hour Clock
Build A Professional Sports Scoreboard, Pt_ 2
Build A V8 Doorbell
Build A Water Level Indicator
Build An AVR ISP Serial Programmer
Build The Decision Maker
Bulid Your Seismograph
Car Battery Monitor
Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Charger For Deep-Cycle 12V Batteries, Pt 2
Circuit Notebook 3
Circuit Notebook 4
Circuit Notebook 5
Circuit Notebook 6
Circuit Notebook 7
Circuit Notebook -8
Circuit Notebook -9
Circuit Notebook -10
Circuit Notebook -12
Circuit Notebook
Circuit Notebook-
Circuit Notebook=
Compact 0-80A Automotive Ammeter
Component video to RGB converter
Controlled Automatic Table Lamp Dimmer
Courtesy Light Delay For Cars
Digital Instrument Display for Cars - Part 1
Digital Instrument Display for Cars - Part 2
Direct Conversion Receiver For Radio Amateurs - Part 1
Direct Conversion Receiver For Radio Amateurs - Part 2
D-I-Y remote control for a model train layout
Dr Video Mk_2 An Even Better Video Stabiliser
Driving Light and Accessory Protector for Cars
ESR Meter 1-Mk_2
ESR meter hints
ESR Meter Mk_2
Fridge-Door Open Alarm
Getting into WiFi, Pt_ 3
High-efficiency power supply For 1W Luxeon Star LEDs
Home-Brew Weatherproof 2_4GHz WiFi Antennas
Improved Speed Controller for Universal Motors
Inductance & Q-Factor Meter, Pt_1
Inductance & Q-Factor Meter, Pt_2
IR Remote Control Checker
Lapel microphone adaptor for PA systems
Lead-Acid Battery Zapper
Level meter for home theatre systems
Linear Supply For Luxeon 1W Star LEDs
Long-Range 4-Channel UHF Remote Control
Long-range 16-channel Remote Control System
Magazine for Hobby Electronics, Computing, Kits and Projects
MIDI Theremin, Part 2
More Fun With The PICAXE - Part 3 Heartbeat Simulator
More Fun With The PICAXE - Part 4 Motor Controller
More Fun With The PICAXE - Part 5 A Chookhouse Door Controller
More Fun With the PICAXE A Shop Door Minder
MUDLARK A205 Valve Stereo Amplifier
Not Another CFL Inverter
OLED Displays Better Than Plasma Or LCD
One-chip Transceivers for easy UHF Data Communications
PIC Controlled 32-LED Knightrider
Picaxe-18X 4-channel datalogger
PICAXE Application Special PICAXE 08 Port Expansion
PICAXE Application Special PICAXE Telephone
PICAXE Infrared Remote Control
PICAXE- Part 9 Keyboards 101
PICAXE The New Millennium 555
PICAXE(s) -are these chips the New Millenium 555
Poor Man's Metal Locator
Portable PIC Programmer
PortaPAL Public Address System - Part 2
Printer Port Hardware Simulator
Programmable Flexitimer
Real Yagi Antenna For UHF CB
Receiver For Radio Amateurs - Part 2
Remote Volume Control For the Ultra-LD Amplifier
RFID Security Module
RFID Tags - How They Work
Rolling Code 4-Channel UHF Remote Control
RTTY Modulator
Serial Stepper Motor Controller
Shorted Turns Tester
Shut That Mutt
Silicon Chip 1
Silicon Chip 2
Silicon Chip 3
Silicon Chip 5
Silicon Chip 6
Silicon Chip 7
Silicon Chip 8
Silicon Chip Electronics 4
Silicon Chip Online - A Lap Counter For Swimming Pools
Silicon Chip Online - Low Cost 1HZ 10MHz Function Generator
Simon Says
Single-Channel Light Dimmer - Part 2-
Smart Card Reader and Programmer
SMS Controller, Part 2
Solar Powered Wireless Weather Station
Starpower - A Switching Supply For Luxeon Star LEDs
Sunset Switch
SuperCharger Addendum
SuperCharger For NiCd & NiMH Batteries - Part 2
SuperCharger For NiCd & NiMH Batteries
Telephone Dialler For Burglar Alarms
Telephone Headset Adaptor
Test Your Reaction Times With A Digital Reaction Timer
The Battery Guardian
The Coolmaster Fridge-Freezer Temperature Controller
The Mesmeriser
The Micromitter Stereo FM Transmitter
The PICAXE Part 6 - Data Communications
The PICAXE Part 8 - A Datalogger and Sending it to Sleep
Three Do-It-Yourself PIC Programmer Kits
time lapse camera
Updating the PIC Programmer and Checkerboard
USB Power Injector
USB-Controlled Power Switch
Versatile Micropower Battery Protector
Versatile Multi-Mode Timer
VHF Receiver For Weather Satellites
Video Enhancer & Y-C Separator
Video Formats Why Bother
Video-Audio Booster For Home Theatre Systems
Whistle & Point  Cable Tracer
White LED Driver
WiFry Cooking up 2_4 GHz Antennas
1-A Programmable Continuity Tester
1-SMS Controller Pt_1
4 Digit Crystal-Controlled Timing Module
4-Minute Shower Timer


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