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Adding current boost to voltage regulator TL783


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I found at my local shop voltage regulator TL783 (http://www.ortodoxism.ro/datasheets/texasinstruments/tl783.pdf), it can regulate from 0-125V, I can't use any other regulator because my input voltage is 40VDC.

Problem is that this regulator from characteristics can only deliver around 700mA output at input-to-output voltage differentials of 25 V, but I need 3A.

So can somebody help me to add current boost like it's done here (http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/Bill_Bowden/page12.htm#317pass.gif), under title "LM317T Voltage Regulator with Pass Transistor".

In datasheet there is circuit for current boost, but I would prefer method above.

How to calculate this components would be of great help, because there is high probability that I can't buy the same transistors.

Thank you.

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