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Hello Guys,

          I am Pandiarajan. I did my undergraduation in Electronics and communication Engineering. Now, i am working as a LabVIEW Developer. I would like to achieve something great. Especially in the field of ELECTRONICS. I am a quick learner. I am little confused to find answer to the questions,

How to start?    and    where to start?

I need help at this stage.

Could you please help me?  :)

Pandiarajan R

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That is right. But, i am not asking about the new idea. I am just asking how to start?

1. Do i need to take a course in VLSI or Embedded? or
2. Can i start learning by myself from the books and  internet? if so do you have any links  or something that can help me

        I know the basics of Electronics and Comunication from my curriculum. But, I am still in the stage of learning new concepts. I am not an expert in electronics. I am seeking help or guidance to get that expertise. :)

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The starting point of any journey is "where do you want to go?". You need to have an idea of what you want to do before you can figure how to get there. Each type of project and industry has different requirements. It doesn't always take high level engineering knowledge to invent something. To tell you to to go lean VLSI is to tell you to start down a path I want you to follow.

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