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TLO74 ??? Dynamic Mic./Cond.Mic. amplifier.

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A TL074 is not the best quad opamp for high gain but it will be OK for an old cassette head amplifier and as an amplifier for its microphone.

Tape heads have a playback equalization that boosts the low frequencies. I don't know if the equalization standard is on the web because cassette tape players were used before the internet was invented.
Look in Google for the LM833 low noise dual opamp from National Semiconductor. I think a simple tape playback amplifier circuit is in its datasheet.

The web has plenty of microphone preamp circuits. 

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I like PreMic Transistor.

Pre MIC 3 Transister ( C945 ) mono

Pre MIC - 3 Transister (C945) mono

Pre MIC 2 Transister mono

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