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The simplest and economical pcb etching

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I wonder why the people use heater and bubble for ecth the pcb? Usually I just floating or arrange my pcb on water and let chem reaction and gravitation do ecth. With this technique there is no electricity and heat. See the picture to know what I mean. But you can do it, if you're in no hurry. About 15 to 30 minutes to finish it. Sorry if my English is bad.


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Trace density along with the use of surface mount components require a more controlled (faster) process for etching.
MP provided a few good reasons for the latter in which i agree.
However, if you plan to use the typical size components and the PCB layout is common (open trace density) the method you are currently using is perfect.

Ferric Chloride that is heated along with continual movement (bubble) accelerate the etching process.


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Omni, you're right. My technique is for the people that can live with the lazziness  ;D (because I'm lazzy too). Before I use this technique I have had etch with electrolysis using acid from a car battery. My pcb on + and - on stainless steel. I use 12 V 5 A. The etch really faster but the acid will bubble and create a little smoke and will affect our healthy. So I decided to leave this technique and finally I use the lazzy technique. Maybe the Subject for this post is: The pcb ecthing for the lazzy people   ;D

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