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MAGNETIC SENSOR...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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It's hard to determine from the information. There may be two answers. First some alarms use magnetic sensors at windows and doors. This is simply a magnet and a reed switch that is pulled closed by the magnet when they are close. The second type might be actually an inductive sensor. It is usually excited by a weak oscillator and when metal is moved into the inductors field (it is part of the tuned circuit of the osc) the oscillator shifts in frequency and this is detected by other circuits.

I hope this helps. If not please supply a bit more information. What sensor specifically?

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lost vikings
i feel ur post is the exact theory behind metal detectors,a weak rf range oscillator serves as the input,and sensing coil forms parts of tuned oscillator..

if u r interested in its working;
here it is..
when the coil is bought near a metallic object, magnetic energy is absorbed and oscillator fails to work. this can be detected by another circuit and alarm can be triggered

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