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PIC12f629 + motor

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Hello, i am using a PIC12F629 , I want to drive 2 motors off 2 pins, right now it moves 1 motor for what i have programmed it for, but i was wondering whats the best method of making it more powerful/faster. what would you guys recomend for me to do.

I am also using 2 LEDs that blink before the motor so i know the code works, it is running on a 4 AAA battery pack for now

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Please post a drawing of your setup. Are you trying to power the motors directly from the output port? If so, you need to compare the current rating of the motor with what the PIC can provide. Did you mean you have an LED in series with the motor, drawing away some of the very little power provided by the output port? Try removing the LEDs. A transistor on the PIC output port pin is usually required, depending upon the motor. If removing the LEDs does not help, you need to add a transistor.
Of course, this is all without seeing your schematic. There might be other reasons in play.


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