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RC mini Helicopter

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I am trying to design a RC mini helicopter. I dont want to go much into its mechanics, as I am not a Mechanical engineer !!! First I want to start with its electronics, that is the transmitter and receiver. I have some ideas on the paper but they are not helping me at the moment ! I jot down some basic ideas, see what you guys think.

3 channel Tranceiver (maybe 6)
Main Channels : Up/Down --- Forward/Backward ---- Left/Right
Variable resistors for the inputs
PWM techniq to control the power delivered to the motors
Two motors for the main and the tail rotor

The problem is how to trasmit and receive the PWM signal , or is this done in a different way ?

Thank you

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Radio control circuits for model airplanes and model helicopters are standard and easy.
New tiny and lightweight receivers are available.
The mechanics of a helicopter is a nightmare.
Flying a helicopter is also a nightmare.

audioguru is completely correct in his view!

In the event you are interested in RC helicopters about the best advice i can give is to STOP viewing the short mpeg video clips provided by many manufacturers!
The latter outlets use highly professional (seasoned) RC pilots that make it look extremely easy!

Before purchasing a full gas/electric copter consider buying a good simulator (Real Flight), the latter will give you a peek as to the difficulty required.  :(
A helicopter is a flying contraption that requires a lot of patience and skill; continual corrections are required to keep it stable, even with a gyro!

The only difference between flying a model RC copter and the full scale mechanical nightmare is the pucker factor!
Ah, you probably get the idea?  ;D

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When I started to fly RC planes long ago (I don't anymore), I started with a STIK-40 with a tuned pipe. Radios with 4-6 channels were expensive. There were many beginners who had 2-chan radios. When the local club found out that I was into electronics, everyone wanted me to repair and check their radios.

I then made a big mistake of modifying a normal 2-chan radio to 3-chan so that at least you could fly with rudder, elevator and throttle control on a dihedral wing craft. I added another pot with a lever and some extra circuitry to the transmitter as well as a decoder expansion with some 4013 and 4017

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Last weekend I watched many electric model RC airplanes fly.
One was a big bi-plane that suddenly slowed and developed a smoke trail. The guy landed it quickly then plucked out its badly smoking Li-Po battery that he recently bought for $500.00.
The battery produced a lot of white smoke for a ling time.

Most guys have many RC planes. The guy with the battery problem had many planes and a few helicopters. He did stunts with the helicopters including flying inverted.

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