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(job offer)Build me a simple wearable tool using a compass and some vibra-motors

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Hi guys,

I am looking for someone to build me a simple belt containing a compass and a series of vibrating motors going all the way around the belt and an electronic compass module. The motor that is currently pointing north should vibrate, the others should be still.

Simple, right? Post any questions you have.

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Maybe I need to add some additional details:

I am looking for a belt containing a series of vibrating motors (15-20) like this one: http://www.pagermotors.com/index_files/Products/DiskL/DiskL.htm

The belt will also contain a compass module, something like this (or better):

The output of the compass module needs to be used to make the side of the belt pointing north vibrate.

I am looking for a quote for the labor and suggestions for the parts. I am not rich, but I am willing to pay you a fair amount for your skills and your time.

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