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hello - I'm new and after a bit of advice.


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First of all hello everyone. I'm new to the forum so be gentle with me ;)

I've created a few simple PCBs over the last month or two and I think at least some of them are working as intended. I haven't finished the last one yet so can't test that one but the main thing I was looking for is some (free) software that I could use to create and test my circuit boards before going to the effort and expense of making them.

I've had a quick look online and there seem to be lots of options (including PSpice) but I'm not sure which one would best suit my needs.

I did install PS but haven

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It depends on what you mean by test the circuit board?

If you want to ensure that the PCB is as per the schematic then use CAD software which creates the PCB from the netlist and performs design rule checks for you e.g. Eagle or DXP.

If you want to check circuit functionality you can get simulation software for free - most people here use LTSpice which if freeware..

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