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question on power supply


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i am moving to a area that has no electricity. I would like to install a inverter system. In other words, install a single large inverter, or a number of smaller ones, with a bank of batterys, and a small wind generator to keep the batterys charged. I will need a max of about 30000 watts a day if every thing in the house was on at one time. The question is, how big of inverter will i need, and how many deep cycle batterys would i need? Any suplliers you know of that could give me a quote? ???


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Take it you mean 30kWh per day?

That's an average of 1.25kW.

Firstly you need to cut down on the electricity usage as much as possible.

Have you done the following?

  • Replaced all heating appliances with gas.
  • Installed smart master/slave sockets to cut down the number of devices on standby.
  • Replaced all incandescent lamps with compact fluorescents and LEDs.

What's your peak power usage?

The inverter needs to be powerful enough to handle it,

You can directly wire the lighting to the DC battery (you can buy DC compact fluorescent lamps) which will reduce the required inverter size and save power because there'll be less losses.
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