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There are several ways of doing it.

File splitter is good because the files can be all joined back together using a batch file or the copy command - no additional software is required for the recipient.

UNIX (Linux, BSD, Mac OS X etc.) has a split command that comes with the OS and the files can be rejoined in Windows using the copy command.

Most file archiving programs also support splitting. I'd recommend 7zip because it's totally free and can read a greater range of formats than most other programs.

Then there's he hosting it somewhere else solution I mentioned above. Lots of forums I visit either don't have attachments or their size restriction is too restrictive for most purposes so people tent to use other hosting sites. The trouble with that other sites will often go down and some have a time limit for how long they host the files for.

I have and idea: if you PM me, I'll send you my email so you can send me the file; I'll host it on Silicon Tronics and add it to the download section.

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What's the big deal?

Why don't you upload your files somewhere else and post a link here? It's not hard, I've been doing that for years before forum attachments were invented - people are spoilt these days.

The amount of advertising on this site is already unacceptable, if people were allowed to upload more then it would cost more to run so there'd need to be even more advertising.

Heck, I don't see the point in arguing about this, it's not going to change: besides the original poster is probably a ghost.

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