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Please don't ask the same question more than once, I deleted your other post. Please refer to the forum policy regarding duplicate threads.

What's an electronic faucet?

I had to Google it and am still none the wiser.

A shower head or tap with LEDs that change colour from red to green when the water is too hot/cold?

A tap which turns on automatically when you put your hand near?


I assume the automatic tap uses a PIR sensor which detects the IR energy emitted from you hand and a shower head with LEDs uses a temperature sensor.

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The ones I use works off a pir sensor, that hooks up to a timer circuit, that hooks up to a electronic relay, that controls a fluid valve. The fluid valve is the most expensive part.

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thank you for your replies.
i asked about electronic facets . it seems that i should express my question clearly.
it's here:
what happens exactly when i place my hand under electronic eye ?
and how does a fluid valve works ?
please answer in details .
regards. ???

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I think I know what you're saying a 'faucet' is US for tap?

An electronic eye is something which detects the presence of your hands?

The detcetor can be a PIR sensor, which detects the IR radiation emitted by your hands, as I said above, an IR beam which gets broken when it's obscured by your hands or a capacitive sensor which senses the change in capacitance of some burred electrodes when your hands are near.

The valve is normally operated by a solenoid and there are lots of different types of valves but I don't know what type would be used to operate a tap.

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