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help to make this..


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hai...i am new here..first sorry for my bad english..i have idea to make this electronic system..but i did no how to make this...so i draw to illustrator to make you understand what i want to do...

second i got 0% about electronic system or circuit..

1. this is explain about my project..what i want to do is like SWITCH system..but it's working in others way..like this picuter:


2. the function i want to make like this picture (read 1-3) :

[img width=680 height=480]

its like switch...want i strike the woods area and the led will turn on and off..the when i strike agian the led wil turn on and turn off and it funtions allways like that..( like you play a drum)


so my question how to make this electronic funtion :

[img width=680 height=480]

hope you guys can help me...

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Woo! I actually used a concept like this for my electronics tech product for my GCSE, I used a Piezo trigger (they convert vibrations into an electronic charge), I then amplified this signal massively so it goes from the small signal to a quite large pulse, then put this through a Schmitt trigger to "clean up" the signal, then into a diode based peak detector thing, to switch a relay. Since you say that you only have a small level of electronics knowledge, that might be a slightly too complex circuit and you may be better making a mechanical design, shown by Dionysus :)

Good luck dude! :D

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Worked up a simple design for ya, hope it helps.

1. tq for the design..but acutually i have that idea before..this is my design (using words and spring) :


but i sure have same prop to use this..

2. i actually make electronic drum using usb pc keybord :

[img width=680 height=480]

3. the function is same like my first design (LED).. just want to make switch..

4. this drum work when wire A connect with wire B (and send signal to pc) like this :

[img width=680 height=480]

any idea..???

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  All you need is  a car alarm vibration sensor. They work great. It's a complete unit, independent of the alarm system. Just put power in,  you get a signal wire output you can use for relay, led, etc. Plus, the're adjustable by turning dial. The <on> delay is adjustable. sensitivity is adjustable. AND they have a built-in Led that turns on like you want.
  All automotive aftermarket alarms have seperate vibration sensors. A Viper car alarm is a good example.  Need more info, I can post pics.

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