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Reverse polarity

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Do you have access to a permanent 12V power supply?

If not this won't be easy because it needs to remember whether the shaft was spinning clockwise or anticlockwise when the last time the power was applied i.e. it needs to be non-volatile.

How much current does the motor need?

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Access to 12 V -  Yes I am using the same battery pack as a power source, which was part of the drill, which is rechargeable.
The drill also has a manual button that reverses the motion, ie used to screw/unscrew, but this is a manual button. Can this be controlled with any sort of an electrical gadget which will basically do the work of manually pushing this button. Will a contactor relay help at all?

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you reverse the polarity at the motor, won't it spin in the opposite direction? That is, if the motor runs clockwise while positive is connected to positive and negative is connected to negative, won't it run "anticlockwise" while negative is connected to positive and positive is connected to negative?

If that's the case, then a set of relays should be enough to make it run forwards and backwards. However, as mentioned before, you don't just want to slam the motor in reverse while it is going forward at full speed. You may need to add a timer to the circuit to give the drill time to slow or stop before changing it's direction.

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