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how can i check micro sd card capacity


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I am going to china to purchase micro sd card which uses in mobile but there is a problem....they used to cheat customer. i need to check each & every card & quantity is 5000. Reason of checking is as follows

1- Upgraded card - 512mb upgraded to 1 gb & 1gb upgraded to 2 gb but when we see the memory status in card then it will so 1 gb & 2 gb space but the space will be 512mb or 1 gb
2- may be some card of 5000 have no wafer...silicon ....

The normal testing method is to load a file of 1990mb file in it through mobile & laptop 

1 card will be cost around 4 usd dollar.....

so i want to check each & every card by my laptop but it will take too much time so i want to ask to all teachers that is there any device can be made such as micro sd card reader by which i can test 10 or 20 micro sd card at 1 time through laptop..

Request you to please Please help me really i will be obliged

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I'm inclined to agree with Hero.  However, if you are determined to go this route, you might try using inexpensive external card readers.  Write a batch file program to copy the test file to each card simultaneously.  This way you can load a number of cards, run the automated test on the lot, then swap out for the next set.  Short of building custom hardware, this is likely your best option.

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