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Beginners guide to power supply design


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Hey guys

I just got done with a trilogy of videos that will show you how to make simple regulated power supplies. The first video is about how to safely get from mains voltages down to a lower, safer AC voltage. The second shows you how to build a simple unregulated power supply. Then if you want voltage regulation, the third one covers simple linear voltage regulators. Hope this is useful!

Electrical Transformer Tutorial

Diode Tutorial and How to build an AC to DC power supply

Voltage regulator tutorial and USB gadget charger circuit

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Hey Friends

Thank you for sharing your information. Really I am very appreciated here and this is the very useful information.Building your own computer ends up costing more than a ready- made machine. Arguments to the contrary invariably forget one element or another such as software or mouse and keyboard. The labor costs of 30 minutes unskilled work putting a machine together insignificant compared to the overall cost of the machine so it comes down to bulk buying and economies of scale. Those work in flavor of companies and against you. You can only ever save money self-building if you need a specialized system for some reason or another - a gaming system is not such a specialized role.

Thanks a lot for your help!
Mike  Paul
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