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Hi All...new to site - need advice

I am planning to power a small water craft - has two stationary 12V electric trolling motors mounted under platform..one on either side. Motors go forward and reverse. Each motor is powered by its own battery. I know that these motors need 30 amp fuses to protect circuits.

I want  to be able to use a joystick to control the motors (e.g, push forward - both motors drive forward; push back - both motors drive in reveres; push right - right motor drives reverse and left motor drives forward; push left - left motor drives reverse and right motor drives forward). I know I need a joystick, relays, and fuses but am not sure what exactly I need (don't have a parts list nor the vocabulary to communicate exactly what I need) or where to purchase.

Would someone please advise:

1. as to materials list, specific parts names and a good source for parts (joystick needs to be outdoor weather friendly - other parts will be protected.
2. how to wire the hardware...possible diagram???
3. If a PDS (power distribution system saw them in my research) board is required, board specs if I can use one and where would be a good source
I know this is a lot to ask but I am a virtual neophyte but willing to learn.

thanks BillofSoo  -  if you like you can respond directly  to [email protected]

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Hi friend, I'm not sure whether you have succeeded in your project yet, but i'd suggest that you design your own joystick as well as its controller. Firstly, you can use the pulsed with modulation way of controlling each of the 2 dc motors, and so your control lines comes to the joystick. I'd suggest you study the ne555 controllers that are reliable to drive high power just similar to the one i've used in my project here.

To make your joystick weather friendly, you should couple the controls variable resistors (if you use drivers that have variable resistors for control) magnetically to your joy controller and put it in a way that you are able to interact more with the controller resistor you lean towards.

Let me know if this helps.

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You mentioned relays. Then you do not want speed control? Jerky on-off is called "bang-bang control" in cheap kids toys.

What will happen to the motor when it is running forward at full power then you suddenly change it to run in reverse at full power? The fuse will probably blow to save the motor.

You need a circuit to delay switching directions.

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