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[SOLVED] Looking for Transistor 2SD2166R or Replacement


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Hey Guys

I just found my old Tyco Rebound RC car, and wanted to test it. It turns out that one side of the wheels can only go one way, and I have traced the problem to a transistor controlling the motor in the RC car.
The Transistor is a 2SD2166R made by the company Rohm.
I have found the datasheet, but I am very inexperienced in finding replacement part. http://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/view/35903/ROHM/2SD2166R.html
That's the Datasheet.
Does any of you know where I can buy a new one, or if there is a part I can use as replacement which is maybe more accessible?

I'm not sure if it matters but The two motors are controlled by 8 of transistors of the above type. I dunno if they have to be matched or whatever.

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