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Need Help For Transistor BU2527AF

Guest Digonto

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Guest Digonto

Hello Hero,
Hero How are you ? I am in problem with my Friend's 17" CRT Philips Monitor . The HOT ( Horizontal Output Transistor ) of this Monitor has gone . The Transistor number is BU2527AF . So, I collected a HOT from an old circuit of 15" CRT Philips Monitor and it's Number was BU2708AF . After replacing with this BU2708AF - Monitor was ran for few hours successfully - But after some few hours this BU2708AF also gone due to Excessive heat .

Now I am not finding any new BU2527AF in my market or not finding in old circuit at any Electronics Repairer .  :-\  :-[

Now I need a Substitution of this HOT BU2527AF . When I see some HOT Datasheet - I found a mismatch with the Datasheet of BU2527AF  . Because BU2527AF  has Collector-emitter voltage peak value ( VCESM ) - 1500V . I am surprised - it has no VCBO Voltage .  :o

But look at the other HOT transistor Datasheets . They have the VCBO voltage instead of VCESM .  ???

What is the difference between VCESM and VCBO ?? Are they Same ........... !?!?  ??? ???

For your consideration I am attaching datasheet of two HOT - BU2527AF and NTE2365 . Please watch these both datasheet and tell me can I use this NTE2365 instead BU2527AF ??

And as far as I know, For replacing Power Transistor I have to look up at - VCBO, VCEO, IC ( max ), hFE, Tf, PDtot . These value should be near or higher than orginal one . Am I right ??  ??? ???

And one more thing I am watching - BU2527AF has operation upto 64 kHz and some other same HOT operation upto 32kHz . Will this 64kHz and 32kHz be problem for Monitor ??

I am attaching two sample Datasheet below ...........



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Good for you for trying to repair an old CRT. Most people don't bother nowadays and use the opportunity to buy a brand new TFT flat screen monitor.

Yes, you need higher voltage and current ratings and the frequency should ideally be higher too, although you should pay more attention to the switching times.

I've never heard of VCESM or VCBO, only VCE and VCB, the former is the maximum allowable voltage between the collector and emitter and the latter is the maximum voltage rating between the base and the collector.

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Guest Digonto

Thanks Hero . But look at the datasheet - BU2527AF has two Collector to Emitter Voltage . One is Peak ( Maximum ) Value which is 1500V and Another is Normal Collector to Emitter Voltage which is 800V . All HOT Transistor manufactured by PHILIPS have same two Collector to Emitter Voltage configuration - One is peak and one is normal . But they have no Collector to Base Voltage .  :o ( This BU2527AF is manufactured by PHILIPS )

But look at the other HOT Transistor Manufacturer like - Fairchild, NTE, NEC, Jamnic, ST Semiconductor, Sanyo - They have Collector to Base Voltage which is 1500V and Collector to Emitter Voltage which is 800V . But they have no Collector to Emitter Peak ( maximum ) Voltage . Without PHILIPS, no other Manufacturer are using this VCESM / Maximum Collector to Emitter Voltage which is 1500V .

Now what will I do ?  ??? Can I use this NTE2365 which have VCB is 1500V as a replacement of BU2527AF which have VCESM is 1500V .  :o I am in totally Confusion with this VCB and VCESM .  ??? Will I use this NTE2365 ?? Please give me a solution ...........Waiting for your quick reply ......

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Guest Digonto

Hey Hero .. At the Registration time at Your http://www.silicontronics.com/ - In the Final Result - it is showing The user Digonto with Email ................  is a Spam, please contact forum administrator. . Why it is showing this message ?? What is the Error ....... ??

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