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Project requiring a PIC & timmer if it can not be programmed in the PIC


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I have a project that I think would be best served by a PIC.  It wll require a 24 hour timer, a light sensor to detect sunrise and sunset.  It will need to do a basic math function to determine how many hours of darkness there will be.  The output would need to controll a relay with 120v output.  I can build it if I had a schematic.  I am not a designer nor a programmer.  I need someone to help!!!  If it can be done without programming a PIC that is an acceptable alternative.  I have a flow diagram of the circuit completed.

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The schematic will be the easy part. It's programming which is more complicated.

I suggest you do some research into programming. BASIC is certainly the easiest language to learn and is available for most PIC MCUs. I sed assembler when I last had a go at programming a PIC and it wasn't that hard for me but many people find it difficult so BASIC is your best bet.

THere seem to be quite a few BASIC compilers for PICs:

As far as I'm aware, there's only one completely free one (GCBASIC), all the rest have some limitations until you pay.

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