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negative ioniser


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Hi all,
I am looking for a circuit that operates in 9-12 DC and will generate voltage in 2-3KV range with negiligible current. I came across many designs but interested if anyone knows any circuit that uses common step down transformer with primary and secondary reversed as the first step in conversion.I am planning to use Cockcroft–Walton multiplier to increase the voltage from transformer. Flyback transformers are difficult to find /not familar for me to use.But would defenitely consider if its readily available
I came across this circuit and like to know if something similar can be tried with a step down transformer


If anyone know any schematic with small flyback transformers I would be glad to try.I am only concerened about availability.
The whole purpose is to make a negative ion generator to clean dust from my vinyls. I donot want to use the ones based on Pizo electric but somehing that will generate a massive negative ion flow that will neutralize all sticky dust on my LPs
.The prime consideration is making it as small as possible.

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The same basic blocking oscillator circuit, normally used to drive a flyback transformer, can also drive a centre tapped or dual primary mains transformer.

Here's an example of a capacitor charger using a mains transformer with a centre tapped primary. It should be able to drive a voltage multiplier circuit.

                    C1 1 uF                   D2 1N4948   R2                 +------||------+        T1    1.2kV PRV  1K 1W                 |              |           +-----|>|-----/\/\---+------o +                 | R1 4.7K, 1W  |   red  ||( blk                 |                 +-----/\/\-----+------+ ||(                     |                 |                  yel )||(                   +_|_ C2  + o----------------------------------+ ||(                    --- 300 uF                 |                  red )||(                   - |  450 V                 |      +--------------+ ||(                     |                 |  Q1  |                ||( blk                 | 6 to 12         |    |/ C                  +--------------------+------o - VDC, 2A         +----|    2N3055    Stancor P-6134             D1 _|_   |\ E           117 V Primary (blk-blk)         1N4007 /_\     |            6.3 VCT Secondary (red-yel-red)                 |      |  - o------------+------+


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