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can a pwm create a radio wave?


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correct me if am wrong...

if i have a circuit:  a DC power supply 5v, to turn ON a simple led and a switch, when i press the switch it will turn the led ON and it will create a radio wave...?

soo... simply turning a device on and off many times will produce radio waves?!

if i make an astable multivibrator, doest it create  radio waves?!

please help! :)

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PWM switches the power supply to the load on and off, over and over. The duty-cycle of the on time to the off time determines the average power output.
If the PWM switches on and off at a radio frequency then it will cause interference in a radio tuned to that frequency. If the PWM is modulated with audio then an AM radio will receive it.

Yes, an astable multivibrator (or any oscillator) produces radio waves if its frequency is at a radio frequency.

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