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I think this corrects polarity...

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Is that right?

I purchased an LED light with a remote control and in a momentary lapse of concentration, mis-read the input voltage and connected 240v instead of 12v!

The actual board with the colour changing LED and IR sensor is working fine when 12v is applied directly across it but in between the power supply and main board is this other little board shown in the photos with a big capacitor and tiny coil and some resistors. I was thinking this either corrects an incorrect input voltage or is used to avoid sudden spikes and surges.

Does any one recognise this little component and could anyone suggest an alternative otherwise I will have to bin the entire light housing, working main board etc and buy a whole new unit!  >:(

Thanks in advance!  :)




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OK - so if I connect a power supply across the main board, skipping this board and step it up in increments of 1v I should get to about 3v where the whole thing works and then just use a 3v power supply going forward and forget about this little extra board which I blew up altogether. Is that right? If so, that is much easier.

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